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Carpet Cushion

Today's carpets require special padding unlike the carpets of even ten years ago. If you do not follow the manufacturer's padding guidelines, you will void your carpet warranty.

Carpet pads are silent partners in a complete flooring system that provides significant improvements and advantages over carpeting alone. The pad under your carpet plays an important role in helping your carpet withstand wear and tear.

Carpet pad quality affects a carpet's durability and performance. In short, the better the pad, the longer your carpet will last. Higher-quality pads also enhance your enjoyment of your carpet, increasing comfort whether walking, standing, sitting or lounging.

Consider buying the highest-quality pad you can afford. The cost is only slightly higher, and the investment is worth it over the life of your carpet.

Carpet padding is designed for specific types of carpet. The type of carpet you select will determine your choices in carpet padding.



Shaw Cushion for St. Jude collection

*A minimum of 2% of the suggested retail price is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, with a minimum guaranteed donation of $250,000






  • Excellent performance and comfort

  • Antimicrobial treatment

  • Features our exclusive R2X® Barrier

  • Environmentally responsible

  • 100% recycled content and recyclable

  • Contained bio-based polymers

  • Life of the home warranty to original purchaser



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